While working on Debian packages for the Mozilla Sync Server, I came across the task to provide a URL for uscan to identify new releases. Mozilla does only provide Mercurial tags for each new release in their repository. To be able to use those tags as pointers to the tarballs of the new releases I set up a simple redirector for sites like hg.mozilla.org.

It can be found at http://debian.fladi.at/hgredir and should be used like in this example for the repository at http://hg.mozilla.org/services/server-reg/:


The accompanying debian/watch file would look like this:

opts=filenamemangle=s/.*\/rpm-([\d\.]+)-\d+\.tar\.bz2/mozilla-syncreg-$1\.tar\.bz2/ \
http://debian.fladi.at/hgredir/hg.mozilla.org/services/server-reg/ \

Maybe this redirector could be useful to others so I will maintain it as an freely available service.